Essay on Action Potential

The Medicinal Potential of the Poison Dart Frog

Modern medicine is filled with drugs that have been derived from deadly poisons. The potency of these poisons in nature is no accident; each is a part of the organism’s defence and predatory mechanisms. Animal venom’s make a particularly good source of potential drugs as they are designed to kill or immobilise prey. Many poisons […]

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Compound Action Potentials

Yentl Smith BIOL 3810-504 Compound Action Potentials Date Performed: 15FEB2011 Date Due: 01MAR2011 Introduction Neurons are the cells that receive and transmit electrical signals (University of North Texas, 2010). The ability of the neuron to conduct these impulses is because of an electrochemical voltage across the plasma membrane of that neuron. An action potential is […]

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Essential Questions

1. What is communication? Communication is by definition the exchange of information between different places. In today’s society, people may relay information on the phone or in a conversation. Similarly, in the body, it is common that information needs to travel in order to make decisions or carry out decisions. For example, a person may […]

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