Who do you think is more important – you, your family or others

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In life we constantly get told to sometimes put people ahead of us, in terms of being nice and polite; but then we get told to be selfish at times, however in a life threatening situation who would you pick? In this essay I am going to explore different sides to this question, in a scenario in which you would have to pick someone, who would it be? Firstly I am going to be talking about myself, why I would or wouldn’t pick myself in a particular circumstance. I think I am very important in life, as every decision I make will affect me.

Things I say or do reflect back on me as a person and throughout life I will probably pay more attention to myself as I grow older. I am quite important because all the choices I make will make an impact on me. Depending on the situation I would pick myself. For example if I was trying out for a sports team and it was between myself and somebody else to make the team I would make myself look better so I would get the place. In this kind of scenario I would be selfish because I really want something I would go out of my way to get that, especially something competitive; I would put myself first.

In a situation where simply I am standing in a line at a supermarket and someone behind me only has one item, I would let them go in front of me because they only have one item which won’t take long and it’s just being nice and friendly. I am showing that I care and wouldn’t mind them going ahead of me in the queue. My family are quite important to me, however for other people it does depend how you see your family and how close to them you are. Again depending on the situation is what I would do.

In addition it depends also which part of my family it is; if it’s something to do with my close family, my mum, dad and brother then I would put them first. However if it was an aunt or uncle I rarely saw then I would have to think about it as the past would change my view whether or not they are important. Unless its close family then I would probably say the rest of my very large family aren’t as important as myself or my mum, dad or brother. Other people such as strangers or friends again aren’t that important.

Close friends are quite important though as they’re always there for you and you can rely on them no matter the situation. However some friends that you don’t really talk to I wouldn’t say are that important. Complete strangers I wouldn’t say are that important because you don’t know them and they don’t make that much of an impact on your life. Nevertheless people such as doctors or policemen are important because without them you wouldn’t be able to live properly, in terms of the fact that you wouldn’t know if you had a medical problem or if you didn’t have the police there would probably be know order to the town.

People that help you are important even if you don’t know them. In conclusion I think that everyone in life is important, some more important than others. I think that I am quite important to myself and to my friends and family. My family are quite important to me and each other; and other people who help me are also important. However I think that I myself am most important because every decision I make will affect me and others.

In addition, not in a selfish way, but I think that people tend to sometimes think about themselves a bit more than they do for other people. However it does depend on your nature and how you approach different people, for example you could be very selfish and just think for yourself but then someone could be too selfless and always putting people before themselves. I think it depends on the way you see life. Overall I think that I am most important, then my close family and friends and then other family, and after that other people.

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