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Socialization studies in the last twenty years have shown an immense growth in the verity of awareness (Grusec & Hastings, 2008). Sigmund Freud, Lawrence Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan and George Herbert Mead shared the same passion for the quintessence of socialization. According to them, to be able to understand how a person interacts with its society, one must be able to identify the triggering factors that lead to the distinction of how socialization is unidirectional.

Although these theorists vary in findings, they however share a common ground with citing that individuals show a discrepancy with factors: family, age, schooling, peer groups and mass media. These agents of socialization pave a way for a child or person to be influenced on how one thinks about mingling or interacting with others. The least of the factors fall on mass media, since not all individuals are able to absorb whatever is implied and introduced by technological mediums—given that not all individuals have the capability to acquire such.

Furthermore, Freud’s psycho-sexual stages—otherwise known as developmental stages—prove the above mentioned factors to be true (Baddeley & Hitch, 2001). For one, the different critical periods of a person namely: the oral, anal and genital drive systems—are known for producing anxiety experience manipulate how a person will give regard to certain ‘experiences’ that may have occurred in the past. The mental implication of course, creates a vivid post oedipal phase in a person’s development, thus affecting how one may see the people around him.

Nonetheless, moral and emotional upbringing, as introduced by Mead and Gilligan, generally points a child to a perspective which is in a way a form of pressure. Culture—so to speak—plays a big role in this as well. Given these in mind, a person’s socialization approach can be partly manipulated by the factors mentioned hereof thus the endpoint depend on one’s critical thinking capacity. Socialization remains a complex and intricate subject to date.

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