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When the topic of training and developing is mentioned in organizations employees think that it only applies to new employees or they normally think of boring classes, pointless power point presentations or endless online modules. Training is an aspect of the workforce that is important to management and must become important to employees. Training tools are needed to ensure that employees have all the tools to do their best at their assigned job.

In business organizations the results of proper training are increased revenue but it the health care field it can result in better quality of care for the patients that are being serviced. Training materials and opportunities should be offered on consistent bases within a company. In offering the training managers have to make sure that all eligible employees are aware of the training opportunities that may enhance their career. This is where distributing information properly comes into play whether it be by phone, email or face to face.

By doing this it leaves no room for error on the management side. Not all training is optional; some information such as customer service or training that affects everyone should be attended by all employees to include managers. Other mandatory training would be on policies and regulations such as sexual harassment or discriminations laws. Employees that take advantage of optional training may be interested in further developing their career. Career development can include additional training, being mentored or coached by upper management.

Developing other employees creates readily available and adequate replacements for personnel who may leave or move up in the organization or retire. New ideas may come from giving new employees opportunities which can enhance the organizations capacity to use advances in technology because of a knowledgeable staff. Having a fresh set of ideas and rotation of people in an organization can keep a company one the cutting edge. As employees are being developed managers will need to measure their competency.

Measuring the competency of the employees allows the employers o know that the training that is being given is actually being put into action. This also helps employees recognize what aspects of the training they are not grasping or if they need to be taught in a different manner. Some employees learn by being told others need to read procedures while some have to actually do the job or task to understand it. In the health care field measuring the competency should be done to protect patients. As a nurse or a medical records technician having book knowledge is not enough.

Employers have to make sure the employees know how to perform the job efficiently. After measuring the competency of the employees you will need to be able to track and evaluate the progress. Tracking and evaluating employees is important because it shows the value of the training programs that are in place. According to Albert Lilly, VP Marketing of Cobent Limited, tracking employee training and measuring training effectiveness is a key objective of any training and development department.

When created and tracked properly, tracking systems serve as a benchmark to measure and improve progress towards a set of broader based goals or objectives. All organizations should have measurable goals and training should be one of them. Employees should also track their own progress within a company. By making personal professional goals the employee is taking initiative in their own career and they will feel a sense of gratification which could result in a better morale in the workplace. In conclusion, training is a vital part of any organization.

It helps to keep employees abreast of new policies and regulation. Training can also lead to career development or promotions depending on the organizations process. As the employees are being trained and developed for future opportunities managers must measure the competency to make sure the employees comprehend the training and are able to implement it in their job. Tracking and evaluating the training program can save the organization money by getting rid of training that is not effective and enhancing the training that is beneficial.

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