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Sports: Psychology in Sports/Mens sana in corpore sano?—new research/ North American obsession with sport—something unhealthy?/ limits of human endurance—How much better can we get?/Training for a particular sport: What are desired objectives and outcomes?/Personal risk and extreme sports/Doping wars—who has upper hand?/Ethics of Doping/Values in Sport (sport salaries)/ /WWE: what is appeal?/Mixed martial arts and barbarism/Sports figures as role models? Yeah, right! /Exercise addiction
Business: RIM—R.

I.P.? Secret to Bombardier’s success/ Problem with Walmart/Exploitation of foreign labour markets/Industrialization and exploitation/Permanent jobs—a thing of past?/Assessing risk/ knowledge economy/Globalization/ Chinese economy: giant of 21st century?/Entrepreneurship/Patents and copyrights/Intellectual Property and copyright/Cultural influences on business practices/ future of automotive design/Business ethics/McDonald’s/Bigger is better—Can world economies continue to grow?/Give me poets as managers— importance of a liberal education in business?/Capitalism: profit vs ethics/ / sub-prime mortgage disaster and world economy/ Capitalism: a love story/How banks fail/Obsolescence in technology/ graying of population (who will pay for Boomers’ pensions?)/Muhammad Yunus and Gameen Bank/ Kevin O’Leary: Idiot or HypocritePolitics: Bill 14 and the dictating of culture/Syria: No solution?/NSA and Internet privacy?/Wikileaks/ Arab spring/War Crimes/Tea-party politics and right wing/ world of Islam/ Islam and western societies—reconcilable? Or clash of civilizations/A future for Africa?/ French language in Quebec: still under threat?/Has communism failed?/ Affirmative action policies/ Lies of mapmakers: how maps distort reality/ Liberalism and conservatism, then and now/ Canada and war criminals/Racism in Canadian/Quebec Society/ importance of history/ Western involvement in China: economics vs human rights/ U.S. as International Policeman/.


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