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Personal Response: Internet can make young generation lazy. With the development of science technology, the internet improved faster and easier. Information becomes one of the most important parts of our life. The statistical fact supports the opinion that generation who grew up on the internet has become intellectually lazy. The young generations who like to use the internet, they all prefer use it to gossip, blog with their friends to studying. Social life is a powerful temptation to teenagers.

Though teenagers can make a strong connection with their friends, the more they spend time talking, blogging and using face book, the more they lose relations with their family members. Under such a situation, Mark’s exhaustive documentation demonstrate that today’s kids do not read much and consequently do not have a very impressive vocabulary, knowledge of history, or familiarity with math and science. It is enough to say that these young people are uninterested in world realities. They are encased in more immediate realities that shut out conditions beyond — friends, work, clothes, cars, pop music, sitcoms, Facebook.

What is most afraid thing of a 17-year-old young man? It’s by another 17-year-old isolation. For them, there is no worse than the feeling of isolation, which is the essence of adolescence. This is why they spend so much time together. And because of the peer pressure, young people do what their friends do. This kind of social network of communication can only occur among young people, so it is difficult to make progress you have any better words, new syntax, witty style, complex ideas. You will never keep going.

In my own opinion, I don’t know if “dumbest” is exactly accurate, I would just say it is less diverse and less interactive. For example, I think that people specialize their knowledge and studies more than previous generations. But a problem that I think has been caused by technology and the Internet is a big decrease in spending time with each other. When we had something we wanted to talk about or when we wanted to play a game, we used to call each other on the phone or set up a time to come over and play Monopoly.

But now, people just post it on Facebook. And any of their friends can see that. People don’t need to be face – to face. What I believe is everyone should read more books in his youth and to learn more knowledge. The danger is that the Internet it is rich in knowledge and information resources, it was thought no longer need this knowledge and information into their own thing. Google just get out, so why take the time to remember it. Finally, people still need time learn by themselves.

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