The Roles of the Society’s Major Institution Essay

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Human beings were born with the innate predisposition to socialize or to adapt to a certain type of environment. Children in their very naive ages are taught to socialize in order to survive in the presence of other children of different upbringings, values, cultures, and religions. This survival can only be possible for people who have the ability to adapt to whatever culture and setting that they have to live with. In the contemporary world, major institutions have been part of this natural process of socialization.

In the United States, one of the major institutions involved in molding the socialization capabilities of people is the family. As the most basic institution of the country, it is within families where children get to learn the first stages of socialization that will give them their strongholds of how they will adapt to the society as they grow up. The academe also plays a very significant role in the socialization process as one of the country’s major institutions as well. It is within the academe where the individual’s socialization skills are put to test and applied.

It is also within this institution where people have peers and acquaintances that help mold and shape their personalities. The government, which is the one of the highest institutions, contributes to the general socialization process through the awareness it gives people about the current issues and policies which mold the order and morality of the country as a whole. The government also serves as an institution which the people depend on as one of the most credible source of information.

Aside from the ones mentioned, there also is the mass media which have an undeniable and irrefutable influence among the people. The media, which can reach the most remote and far-off societies, provide people with information which they also influence, their beliefs, and personal opinions about issues and topics everyday. The mass media which has the ability to change a person’s perspective on an issue has been very controversial since it can create a change to the extent of creating an entirely different person out of an individual depending on the material and language it projects.

Lastly, there is the Church which has been debated and discussed as to what extent it really has in affecting people’s everyday dealings and relations. The Church has the people’s source of strong spiritual foundation. Structural functionalist perspective plays the function of uniting people by faith. It also preserves and maintains the moral stability of the society by strengthening their relationship and connection with God (Hightower, 2009). However, the Church continues to live with the struggle to have its place within the lives of people despite the growing prevalence of the Media and its influences.

However, in spite of the growing dispute between the Media’s influence and the Church’s conservatism, the Church remains standing sturdy against the challenges, providing people with strong foundations and morality. All of these institutions play significant functions in molding an identity among all of us. Creating a distinctiveness and individuality among the members of the society, these institutions affect and influence our beliefs, outlooks, and perspectives. Thus, how we think, act, behave and view things depends on how well we are influenced by these institutions.

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