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It is an honor and privilege for me to be writing this admission essay. It is a dream coming true for me because it has always been my desire to join a prestigious institution such as this. I sincerely feel that I possess some qualities that would make any association to be of mutual benefit to both the institution and I.

Having been born in Israel and now living in America has exposed me to different cultures in which I perfectly fit due to my ability to adapt to multi-cultural setting.

In addition to this I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills which have endeared me to other people here in America and also in my home country. My friendliness and good nature will enrich the lives of those I will interact with in this institution.

I am a proactive individual who takes initiative to see to it that what is started is successfully completed. Should problems arise, I always ensure that I get to the root of each. I am keen to detail a quality that has helped me develop sharp analytical skills which I intend to utilize as a student in this institution This, coupled with a high degree of curiosity makes me an ideal learner since I always want to know how things work and all else that I do not already know.

Academic performance has all along been an area of strength owing to the fact that I am a hard worker who is enthusiastic and highly motivated to achieve set goals. My creativity was reflected when I was the only one who undertook an AP physics BC in the entire school and still managed to perform well at the end of the semester.

Academics aside, I participate in sports especially soccer. This brought out my team dynamics skills which will come in handy when constituting study groups and teams. I am an active member of the scouts association and being a team leader, I have found myself utilizing my natural leadership skills in providing direction to the other members of the association.

I uphold high standards of integrity and honesty in every thing I do. Additionally, I gained valuable real life job experience when I served as an intern for Matrix Company in Wall Street last summer. This exposed me to an interesting but challenging world where I learnt to really pursue my dreams without wavering.

The above qualities make me feel that my admission to the institution will add value to the lives of my fellow students, instructors and the entire administration however I honestly feel that I will gain the most from your institution. I look forward to the probable association.

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