The Psychology of Studying-Reflective Learning

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Experiential cognition
Style of thought arising during passive experience.
Reflective cognition
Style of thought arising while actively thinking about an experience.
The practice of relating of new information to prior life experience.
Critical thinking
An ability to evaluate, to compare, analyze, critique, and experience.
Reflective SQ4R method
An active study-reading technique based on these steps: survey, question, read, recite, reflect, and review.
Active listener
A person who knows how to maintain attention, avoid distractions, and actively gather information from lecture.
Spaced practice
Practice spread over many relatively short study sessions.
Massed practice
Practice done in a long, uninterrupted study session.
A memory aid or strategy.
Evaluating learning by posing questions to yourself.
Continuing to study and learn after you think you’ve mastered a topic.
Self-regulated learning
Deliberately self-reflective and active self-guided study
Weekly time schedule
A written plan that allocates time for study, work, and leisure activities during a one-week period
Term Schedule
A written plan that lists the dates of all major assignments for each of your classes for an entire semester or quarter.
Specific goal
A goal with a clearly defined and measurable outcome.

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