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There is no doubt that globalization is fast invading the thinnest fabrics of industrial relations in major multinational companies the world over. It has therefore become pertinent to promote business relations with others beyond cultural limits. In view of this fact, our team has developed plans to facilitate lucrative intercultural relations business. China is chosen as the nations and her culture evaluated.

China is officially the People’s Republic of china, and East Asian nation whose capital is Beijing which hosted the last Olympic Games. It is the most populous country in the world and measures almost same size with the United States in land mass. It is also one of the largest world economic powers. This implies that any company that is able to effectively align its business values with the culture of the Chinese has a large market and profitable land to operate from.  Communication is the core of every society. It is the tool of survival over generations. China has over 50 ethnic groups. However, Putonghua is adopted as common language and taught in schools1. There are also a number of national who understand English. These factors also promote business interactions.

Communism as a system of government and philosophy has permeated every fabric of the Chinese Culture; the state controls the means of employment and production in the city and determines rules for social conducts1. In the cities, the native and permanent dwellers enjoy higher pay and have access to basic social amenities unlike the temporary migrants from rural areas2. This disparity is income distribution and access to social services is a major issue of concern in this increasingly globalised nation.

Most of the people occupy the rural areas, which are largely influenced by the nearby cities and their economies. Most of the rural dwellers are farmers and peasants; however, a number of them search for off-farm jobs to attain new and possibly better socio-economic status. These form a bulk of the work force available for multinational companies like ours. Suffice to state that The United States Congress passed a legislation of permanent normal trade status with China in 20003. This promotes intercultural business relations by reducing tariffs and other barriers on imported goods.

Punctuality is a shared valued in American and Chinese cultures1. Guests make formal short precise speeches after the guest opening remarks. Shaking hands are permitted in formal business interactions like this. Refusal of gifts is seen as impolite. The day ends early since Chinese are early risers. Food is served on a central table, and chopsticks are used for all means. Food is served into bowls which are held close to the moth when eating. Chopsticks are returned to the table instead of the bowl after the meal.

The plan is to the punctual to the meeting venue. Enjoy the informal setting on first day, after meals. Discuss softly on the culture, business and government of China. Then, finalize plans for the remaining days.  On the second day, we will engage the hosts in short discussions on the trip, the country and the business plan. Present the business proposal to obtain contract for consulting services. After detailed discourse on the proposal, give hosts time to respond to the proposal, answering questions. We will await their final decision while we are around or not.


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