The Inheritance of Loss

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On page 328, of the book, (Desai, 2006) “Inheritance of Loss” we learn that airline officials looked for the names of countries on passports and that determined the treatment and respect the individual would receive. The color navy-blue was extremely important as they view the passports as the NRIs made certain that the right sides were turned up in their proper position, in order for the airline officials to clearly see that they were from a country that deserved great respect.

Navy-blue was a color that told these officials that the people who held them should be treated as priority in their order of importance. On occasion, you would get the negative personalities from officials who tried to make sure that these important people suffered because of their own jealousy. These rude individuals were resentful and clearly would go out of their way to make one’s life miserable, at their hands.

It is evident that there were various personalities who worked for Air France and you were lucky to get through the lines that dealt with immigration, luggage check and then security without running into people who held resentment. Jealousy could cause many problems, so they inoculated themselves in advance so that no criticism would get through during the visit. The Air France airline officials could definitely make a huge difference for the passengers and it seems as though you must know in advance, the routine that must be displayed when dealing with these unpredictable individuals.

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