The advancement of learning 1605 – Sir Francis Bacon

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Born in London, educated at Cambridge in law & science
Sir Francis Bacon
During the reign of _____ _____ ___, sir Francis Bacon rose quickly as a ____
Queen Elizabeth I, lawyer
Sir Francis Bacon was knighted in ____ before being named Chancellor by _____ _____ ____ in _____
1603, King James I, 1618
In _____, Sir Francis Bacon was charged with ______ _____, he was expelled from the _______, in briefly in prison before his death in _______
1621, Financial corruption, Parliament, 1626
Sir Francis Bacon wrote _____, ____ ____, ______ ______
Histories, moral essays, and philosophical treatises
Sir Francis Bacon was traditionally regarded as the
Father of scientific empiricism
Sir Francis Bacon set the tone for new
Scientific inquiry
Francis Bacon stated _____ _____, after the Word of God is the _____ _____ against _______ in the most approved ______ of ______
Natural philosophy, surest medicine, superstition, nourishment of faith
Sir Francis Bacon state of natural philosophy is given to ________as her most _____ ______, since 1 displays the _____ of ______, and the other displays _____ _____
Religion, most faithful handmade, will of God, His power

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