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Staffing is one of the most important functions necessary for the success of an organization. Without staffing, a company is unable to acquire and retain a functional workforce. Staffing is essential in the life of a company. Organizations require a staffing strategy that will provide revenue for the company, quality of both employees and products of the company, and create principles that allow the company to be organized.

Based on the information provided about Tanglewood and its operations, I have the following understandings of the company and I am able to provide recommendations to build a stronger staffing strategy for this organization. Acquire or Develop Talent Tanglewood should both acquire and develop talent. Since Tanglewood wishes to abide by the mission statement, they should acquire employees that are able to provide a high level of customer service as well as be knowledgeable about the products and services that they are selling.

Since training is an ongoing part of employment, Tanglewood should continuously develop its employees in order to be compliant with their company goals and mission. Hire yourself or Outsource Since Tanglewood expects its employees to reflect knowledge of the products and have the ability to provide exceptional customer service it should do all of the hiring. Outsourcing may not provide the ability to recruit the expected type of employees. External or Internal Hiring Upper level management should be created internally.

Promotions or transfers within the company should allow for internal hiring to obtain individuals that already respect and understand the company philosophy. Lower level or entry level employment should require external hiring. Core or Flexible Workforce Since the business makes reference to the “team” philosophy I recommend core workforce. Flexibility of the workforce would not work because full time reliable employees are needed not as needed employees. Hire or Retain Hiring new employees runs the risk of having employees that may not understand or respect the mission.

If a core workforce goal is present and employees are hired internally retention will be strong. If there is presence of high turnover the attempt to maintain a certain culture will be defeated. National or Global Tanglewood should remain National, a global strategy could pose the issue of inefficiency. Attract or Relocate Since the company rapidly grew, relocation is not necessary. The company should focusing on attracting its “target” employee. Employees that understand and can show what the company is striving to provide its customers. Overstaff or Understaff

While the decision to staff is complex overall, it would be in the best interest of Tanglewood to follow economic trends to decide whether they will overstaff or understaff. Short- or Long-Term Focus The company needs to primarily implement a short term focus to ensure that all the company HR goals are met. Secondly long term focus can be evaluated after the short term has been established. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match Tanglewood should adapt the person organization match. If an individual can match the organization as a whole any job chosen for him or her will be a match. Specific or General KAOs

Since Tanglewood prefers all employees share tasks there is no need for individuals to have specific KSAOs but more general. Team work is heavily rated by management and the company. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality Acceptable Workforce Quality is a necessity for the staffing success of Tanglewood. In order to decrease cost but provide acceptable quality having a large variety in employees is more beneficial. Active or Passive Diversity It is very important that diversity exists in order for an organization to be successful. Tanglewood should consider active diversity so that it aligns with the labor market.

Diversity satisfies both legal and moral perspectives of an organization. The more diverse an organization the more diverse service it can provide its customers. Tanglewood’s future success depends on many variables. The most important variable is its staffing principles. By establishing some goals and meeting them, the company has the ability to provide a comfortable employment environment as well as an accommodating environment for it customers. Considering each of the above recommendations should contribute to the continued success that Tanglewood strives for.

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