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Strategic management or the institutional management is termed as the conduct of the various processes like drafting, evaluating the cross functional decisions and methods and also investing. These all different methods and techniques basically enables all the organizations to achieve their long term as well as short term objectives. It is also known as the process of measuring and also specifying all the different missions of the organization, their vision and also their objectives. It is a process in which all the plans and policies are being measured with the help of which one works well and therefore generate better and better results.

Strategic management on the other hand is termed as a level of all the different managerial activity under the main process of setting goals in order to reach their demands and needs. Strategic management on the other hand also provides an overall direction towards various enterprises and it is therefore closely related to the field of various organization studies. This strategic management is very much important in the field of business because it helps a lot while working and while doing various methods and applying them in order to generate better and better results. Philip, 50)

The article on which I am going to discuss some relevant facts is “The strategic management process in e-business”. This article is basically based on all the traditional models of the strategic management. It is also termed as a systematic process which basically consists of four main interrelated steps: (1) To analyze the external as well as the internal environments. (2) To select various strategies of e-business. (3) To implement the different e-business strategies. (4) To evaluate the success of all the e-business strategies.

However, this study also found that the most useful as well as important obstacle towards the e-business adoption among all the small and also the medium sized enterprises was the lack of all the financial resources. E-business is basically termed as an important part with the help of which work is done much more easily and the results and more vivid and clear. With the help of these various strategic management process in e-business, all the small and medium sized enterprises are now working in a good condition where they can generate better and better outcomes.

The main goal of any decision which is based to the strategic management is to create more and more value. Many researchers identified the four main and important opportunities in this article in order to create the value with the help of the efficiency and novelty of the e-business. There are many different companies which have a wide variety of all the different technological options from which the companies can choose that which option they can manage in order to make their company the best one.

This article also shows that all the SMEs basically develop different Web sites and also the e-shops that always try to complement their services and products, and they also try to fulfill their needs and demands for the purpose of identification and also for independence. This is the technique with the help of which many companies can work well and therefore will generate better and better results. As stated in this article strategic management is the way with the help of which many companies can perform very well and will generate better and better results.

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