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If singles are to meet their needs for intimacy, and if those who wish to marry are to meet up with prospective partners, some social arrangements must exist by which this can be accomplished, such as dating.

A “date” occurs when two persons who are attracted to one another arrange to do something together and spend some time interacting, to get better acquainted. Dating is recognized as serving several important functions. (Santrock, 2007).

First, dating has become the socially approved way in which mate selection occurs. Mate selection or courtship is an opportunity to associate with others for the purpose of selecting a marriage partner. Second, dating assists in the socialization of adolescents and young adults.

Socialization is an opportunity for members of the opposite sex to learn cooperation, consideration, responsibility and to develop appropriate techniques for interacting with other people. It provides an opportunity to develop social skills and judgment in short segments of interaction, affording the possibility of making and learning from mistakes.

Dating allows rehearsal of social roles that will later be important in marriage. Third, dating is a recreation. It is a source of entertainment and immediate enjoyment. Dating is also a status grading.

A means of gaining status with one’s peers by dating and being seen with persons rated as “highly desirable” is one of the functions of dating. Lastly, dating is identified for the reason of sexual experimentation, satisfaction, and intimacy with the opposite sex.

Dating is viewed as an opportunity to establish a unique, meaningful relationship with an individual of the opposite sex. Dating serves quite a variety of goals and needs for individuals.

If you ask people to list all the reasons they have ever gone out on a date, the reasons might include: companionship, affection, social status, ego enhancement, revenge, make friends and family happy, expand general knowledge, practice social skills, meet a variety of people, learn more about oneself, find out what one likes or dislikes in other people, have fun, escape other pressures, stay active, sex, romance.

The continuing appeal of dating as a social arrangement may be in part that it is able to accommodate such a wide range of individual goals.


Santrock, J. (2007). Adolescence. (12th ed.). New York, USA: McGraw–Hill Higher Education

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