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•What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? The advantages of social media is that we have the ability to reach a large audience and more so a target audience. Social media allows us to communicate with our audience and see their comments. There are so many different kinds of social media sites that we are able to use free of charge. The social media sites are available on our phones, iPods, and tablets. Pictures, videos, and even links can be shared from one site to another.

The social media world has a very big audience that consists of people from all over the world. Furthermore, companies have the option to target a specific audience. Some businesses have had an increase in sales and customers, so in addition the customers get discounts or coupons. Social networking sites has allowed everyone that is selling a brand to communicate with their audience and be involved, rather than making it all about a sale. There are so many web sites that allow everyone to be up to date with entertainment and celebrities. There are a lot of advantages that can be a disadvantage at the same time.

For example, comments can be an advantage and a disadvantage because comments can helps us to improve our brand that we are trying to sell. On the other hand comments can be negative and cause conflict on the page which can lead to violence in worse cases. In addition, sometimes marketing a brand on a social networking site can bring bad recognition to their business.

•How might knowing these advantages and disadvantages alter how a person might use social media? Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to social media but the most heard opinions are from those who used it. I have seen where some people hear about some of the things that occur on the social networking sites and avoid getting on. The disadvantages sometimes draw an audience to social media sites because they have to see for themselves and be the judge.

Proceeding from there, people may not like the social media sites that they visit but they still do because they can. I have noticed that people like that will visit sites and have nothing but mean and/or negative things to say while they are on there. As an example when there’s a public photo going around Facebook and people will leave negative comments on something positive or encouraging. Like myself, I like to see for myself but know from the beginning that I must use social media sites with a good mind frame. It’s not good to go into a new situation with a negative mind frame because it’s not giving anything or anyone a chance. Knowing the advantages can persuade a person to want to be involved or at least be up to date with what is going on in the social media world.

Disadvantages can actually help or hurt the publicity when it comes to social media. For instance, if a people hear about some of the disadvantages they may do their best to talk down about it or persuade others not to be in twine with social media. Last but not least, knowing the advantages of social media can be motivation to someone that’s trying to fulfill their dreams and be heard. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the chance to market their brand on social networking sites for free.

There are so different social media web site that are expanding so rapidly and has changed everything in a good and some bad ways. Social media networking sites plays a major part in how much and fast the social media world has reached the level that is has. There are quite a few social media networks but three very well-known networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. All three networks have similarities but have their own unique twist that makes them different.

Facebook is a very big social network that allows people to share their opinions about what goes on the world. Facebook is also a good site for entrepreneurs or celebrities to use in order to reach a large audience or target a specific audience. There is not one thing that you can’t post or say on Facebook, in which some people like that ability and some don’t. If people want to keep in contact with friends and family, especially those that live in another state, Facebook is the site that is used most. It’s free to sign-up and it can be fun because every Facebook user can socialize with people they don’t know.

Members of Facebook can share links and screenshots from other websites which helps the other sites’ relevance. Comparing Facebook from when it first was created until now, it’s a social network that allows the members to basically share their life. Facebook use to have a word limit on what a person can say but now that’s changed because it allows us to say as much as we want. That’s an advantage about Facebook because sometimes people just need a space to vent or share a story that may be more than a hundred words. In contrast, there’s a social network called Twitter that doesn’t allow people to say as much at one time but there’s no limit on how much or what people share. Twitter is a social networking site that is great for socializing with individuals that people do and don’t know.

It’s very popular for allowing the users to express everything they want to say at that moment and it’s called a “tweet.” The tweets can include pictures or our destination of the place we’re tweeting from. Furthermore, Twitter has the most interaction between celebrities and their fans. Companies and celebrities create a Twitter account to advertise their brand and be active with the audience. YouTube is a very big web site that involves a lot of mass communication. Anyone with an email address can sign up with YouTube. The good thing about YouTube and differs so much from Twitter and Facebook, is the fact people can still access and use the site regardless if they have an account or not.

Account users can upload videos of that they’ve put together themselves or sharing from another website. YouTube is popular for having music videos of big and local celebrities. There have been a lot of people that have gotten discovered on YouTube because of a video they’ve posted of them doing certain task or talents. Entrepreneurs make their own commercial and have advertisements to promote what it is they’re marketing. The audience can socialize with each other and leave comments/feedback after they’ve watched a video. All three of these social networks offer a lot of advantages because first off it gives people the chance to socialize freely.

We have to use and think of the golden rule when we use any social networking site. If we are on a social network it takes kindness and respect to experience more advantages than disadvantages. Keeping a limit on our privacy and the information we share with everyone else will help cut down on the chance of getting hacked. If people are not careful about what they publish or keep up to date with the changes, they can be displaying personal information and not know. All things considered, regardless of the social network(s) used we’re going to encounter some advantages and disadvantages but how we handle them is the key.

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