Social and Corporate Responsibility

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Social responsibility can be defined as a doctrine designed to reveal whether a particular organization, corporation, firm or any other entity is responsible for its actions before society. Usually, one distinguishes three main issues of corporate social responsibility. They are human responsibility, environmental responsibility and ethical responsibility. Human responsibility is social responsibility aiming at making organization responsible for its actions before society because every entity should be responsible for actions taken and to be taken.

Moreover, people are directly affected by organizational decisions. Further, human responsibility means that particular organization realizes its affect on society it operates in: company’s partners, employees and operating communities are involved. Human responsibility suggests that corporations respect and follow business ethical rules and principles. In other words, customers are to be treated respectfully, whereas managers are to be interested not only in sales and commission. (Griffin & Mahon 1997)

Ethical responsibility means that corporations follow ethical standards and principles when running business. Nowadays corporate scandals make people not believe in transparency of organizations. Thus, ethic should be paid more attention because it plays crucial role in decision-making process and provides thinkers with an excellent opportunity to make such a decision which would fit everyone. Finally, environmental responsibility is also of importance because it makes corporations responsible for surrounding environment and the world.

Companies produce greater harm to surrounding and, therefore, they should find ways how to reduce harmful effect. (Ncube & Wasburn 2006) Corporate social responsibility should be core principle within organization meaning that it should consider interests of employees, shareholders and customers in all aspects of operations. Such responsibility reaches far beyond statutory obligation of a company, corporate responsibility suggests sustainable development meaning that entities should make up decisions which focus not only financial factors, but also on long-term social and environmental. (Ncube & Wasburn 2006)

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