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1. Discretion is the judge’s freedom to decide an issue. Some issues are clearly decided by law, and the judge is said to have very little or no discretion. On other issues the judge might be said to have wide discretion (Wikipedia). As the definition of discretion states, some situations and cases the judge has to decide on, are described by the existing laws, so that no or little discretion is possible. But there are some cases, when the situation is not so clear, and there might be few interpretations of the thing or things that took place.

The judge has the power to decide, for example, whether to deprive the woman of her parental rights in case her behavior is inappropriate. He whether can give the defendant a chance to renew the normal life with her child or children, or decide that the kids’ psychological and physical health and security are of greater importance It’s obvious than when using the right to discretion the judge should be guided with the desire to restore the public order, and with the best interests of the society and the defendant. Personal attitudes mustn’t become the reasons for applying discretion.

2. Unfortunately, law enforcement corruption takes place in many countries. Let’s for example take Ukraine, the country where the Orange revolution took place recently. Those, who were in power before it, wanted their group to stay powerful after the next presidential elections, thus they used governmental resources for to make the population of the country vote for their candidate, who was a former criminal.

Some people were even forced to give their votes for Yanukovich, the candidate from the government, under the threat of loosing their job and being physically injured. When the revolution ended and Uschenko became the head of the country, it seemed that democracy was restored in this state. Unfortunately this conclusion turned out to be wrong, as several days ago the chief of staff of Ukrainian government said he was resigning because of corruption within the president’s inner circle.

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