Piaget’s theory: Applied to education

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State the overview of piaget’s application to education
– Piaget’s theory was a child centred approach with the assumption that children don’t need to be taught as learning was due to be drawn into experiences.
– He also believed that if something was taught prematurely the child will be prevented from ever completely understanding it.
Outline the five concepts of Piagets application
1. Readiness – According to Piaget cognitive development occurs as a result of maturation meaning you cannot teach a child to perform certain activities until they are biologically ready.
2. Stages – The concept of readiness means that educational programmes should run along the lines of Piaget’s stages of development.
3. Motivation to learn – Piaget suggested that cognitive growth comes from the desire to resolve the disequilibrium caused by cognitive conflict.
4. Logical thinking – Piaget argued that logical thinking spurs on cognitive development and it should be taught by introducing lessons such as maths and science.
5. Discovery learning – Child must play active role in learning
Outline two supportive evaluation points
1.Education – This theory had a big impact on education in the UK.
2.Plowden report – Recommended change from ‘teacher centred’ to ‘child centred’ learning based on discovery learning.
Outline three criticising evaluation points
1.Bryant and Trabasso – Found that practice can improve performance when Piaget’s theory stated that no amount of practice will allow the child to learn a skill they are biologically not ready for.
2.Mogdil et al – suggest that discovery learning activities in the classroom may reduce learning because less time is spent on content for example reading.
3.Emotion – This theory is mainly concerned with the development of problem solving abilities and ignores the importance of emotional intelligence.

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