Physical exercise is more important for older people than for younger people Essay

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Physical exercise is more important for older people than for younger people.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people, work in the office and seat whole day, are beginning to realize〝doing exercise is closely related to health.〞That is why I see lots of people, old and young, exercise in the playground. However, some people think that physical exercise is more important for older people than for younger people, while I believe every age need physical exercise. I have two main reasons blow.

One reason for this is that the cancer rate increasing in young people in these year because they reduced exercise than pass time. True indeed,〝If you want to live, you need to move〞, agreed by doctors. Thus, in order to keep healthy body not only old individuals need exercise such as hiking, but also young individuals need doing sports like running, or swimming. So, it’s equally significant for both young and old poeple when it comes to physical exercise.

Another reason why physical exercise is equally important for every age is that physical exercise helps body refresh and full of energy. There is no denying that everyone needs energy to work, study and so on. For instance, compared with people who full of energy are more focus on the work and do well than others who less energy. Otherwise, if we want to great success in anywhere, we must more exercise with a fine physique.

Definitely, an argument can be developed for the opposing stance. Those who are support elder may need far more physical exercise. It enhances elder’s immunity against disease and more healthy. In other words, if elder is not healthy, people who are elder’s children have to spend more time and money to take care of them.

Obviously, it seems from the outside, the elderly may to need more exercise to stay healthy. Nevertheless, although young look still more vitality than old, I tend to consider that it is important for older people and younger people both doing physical exercise. As the saying goes,〝An apple a day keeps the doctor away.〞I say,〝Physical exercise a day keeps the disease away.〞

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