Patient Learning for Health Behavioral Change


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Steps in preventive program
1. Assess the patient’s needs
2. Plan for intervention
3. Implementation
4. Perform Clinical Preventives
5. Evaluate progressive changes
6. Plan short- and long-term maintenance
The Learning Ladder
1. Unawareness
2. Awareness
3. Self-Interest
4. Involvement
5. Action
6. Habit
Assess the patient’s needs
– Review all information from:
– histories
– radiographic
– clnincal examination
– charting
The Learning Ladder
– Unawareness
many paitents have little concept of the new information about dental & periodontal infections & how prevented or controlled.
The Learning Ladder
– Awareness
Patients have good knowledge of scientific facts, but they do not apply facts into personal action.
The Learning Ladder
– Self-Interest
realization of application of facts/knowledge to well-being of the individual is an initial motivation
The Learning Ladder
– Involvement
with awareness & application to self, response to action is forthcoming when attitude is influenced
The Learning Ladder
– Action
testing new knowledge & beginning of change behavior may lead to increased awareness that real health goal is possible to attain.
The Learning Ladder
– Habit
Self-satisfaction in the comfort & value of sound teeth & make certain practices become part of daily routine. Ultimate motivation is finally reached.
Evaluation of teaching aids:
– General characteristics
1. Simplicity
2. Content
3. Cultural & Linguistic Appropriateness
4. Level of Orientation
5. Durability
6. Cost
7. Objectives

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