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The country selected for this paper is Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country rich in resources but plagued heavily by internal conflicts, terrorism, religious extremism and severe economic disparities. Constant conflicts between India and Pakistan throughout its sixty-three-year history and existence have left it economically decapitated. In addition, nuclear testing which resulted in sanctions and a string of corrupt politicians throughout the years have furthered destroyed its reserves. Due to its instable and violent history, there has been considerably less foreign investment in the country.

In the last ten years, poverty has been brought down steadily and GDP growth of 5-8% has been witnessed. However, ever since the Zardari regime and the increasing internal conflicts, GDP levels have come down to 2%. Severe electricity shortage continues to hamper development and productivity. Inflation has been alarmingly increasing over the last few years. In 2009, it was noted to be 14. 2%. The Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has substantially devalued in the last few years. Balance of Payments crisis was averted recently due to the large influx of remittances by the workers abroad.

Its main bread and butter come from the agriculture and textile industries. Education is an often ignored area in the country. More than half of its population is uneducated. It is alarming that approximately 15. 2% of the Pakistani people were unemployed by 2009 est. The imports of the country have always exceeded its exports. On the other hand, China has been a great ally and supporter through all of Pakistan’s hard times. Both countries have comes to each other’s aid in times of need. However, neighboring India and Afghanistan have both played hostile neighbors for several decades.

I believe the country has always been caught up in some kind of war either intentionally or unintentionally. Within a few years of its birth as a nation, it lost an integral part that is Bangladesh due to cultural differences and discrimination against the Bangladeshi people. Soon after, two wars with India ensued. Additionally, it played a key role in the Cold war by supporting Afghanistan. Sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni sects has furthered caused civilian unrest and killings. Since 2001, Pakistan has been fighting America’s war against terrorism which has caused great collateral damage and human despair.

All this violence has strayed the people away from the reasons why the country was actually created. The founders of the country based its ideology on unity, faith and discipline. It is ironic that these are the very things missing. If the Pakistani people had not divulged in several wars and violence, there present could be drastically different. Malaysia, also a Muslim country, pursued a less violent path and benefitted majorly. Today, Malaysia is a vibrant economy that brings in countless visitors from around the world.

At one point, Pakistan was far ahead in terms of education and economical standing as compared to Malaysia. However, today it is considered a hostile almost barbaric country around the world. In my opinion, if Pakistan had better political leaders and a sound education and judicial system, it would not have been where it is now. The country still shows promise and hope as it breeds countless intelligent scholars, writers and academics who can turn around the political and economic system and save the country from utter bankruptcy and failure.

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