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To most people a machine serves as a means of instant gratification in the form of sugary delight. However to me this machine is responsible for sparking an interest In how things work. My love for practical sciences, In addition to my Innate fascination with technology used for practical and real purposes, has enabled me to discern my love for mechanical engineering. As a chubby 11 year old, I remember sitting glued to Discovery channel. An episode of the show ‘How It’s made’ featured the process used to create a machine. Awestruck I learnt about the intricate parts that made this miraculous machine.

This particular incident highlighted the wide array of commodities that are end products of the grueling work by an engineer. Every time I stumbled upon a machine from that point, I took note of ten other man made machines and wondered how they worked. Once I started shedding my ‘baby fat’, my penchant for applied science drove me to opt for math, physics and chemistry in my secondary education. In addition to this, my economics courses have taught me that ingenuity, today, goes hand in hand with frugality. With these Ideals In mind I Intend to become an entrepreneur In the industrial sector.

A diverse Industrial environment offered by the united States Is the Ideal place to learn what makes an Industry successful. I strongly believe that for an entrepreneur to succeed, he needs to learn the craft before practicing the trade. At your esteemed institution I intend to learn this craft and expose myself to processes used to make the desired commodities of our modern world. As I conclude this essay, I believe that I have placed my coin and rotated the handle of the great machine of life. I’m optimistic that I will receive a sweet reward by means of following my dream.

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