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Assam has been competently described by some as ‘the Shangrila of the North-Eastern India’ – a province holding breathtaking scenic beauty. rarest vegetations and zoologies. exalted hills. exuberant tea gardens. undulating fields. mighty waterways. dense woods. fertile vales. etc. It lies as a gem of keen beauty and appeal on the Northeastern skyline of India. Since the yearss of Hiuen-Tsang it has fascinated the remainder of the universe with her aura of myth and enigmas. history and folklore. music and dance. Known as Pragjyotishpura ( land of Eastern visible radiations ) in ancient clip and Kamrupa in mediaeval times. Assam is the anglicised name for the province. The name of the province may hold come from the word ‘Ahom the people who migrated to the Brahmaputra vale in the early thirteenth century and gave form to the Assamese of today.

The province lies between 89° . 50? to 96° . 10? E. longitude and 24° . 30? to 28° . 40? N. latitude. Seven Indian provinces and two foreign states touch its boundary. Spread over an country of 78. 438 sq. kilometer. State has a entire population of 26. 638. 407 harmonizing to Census. 2001. We have a clear image of Assam merely from the early 13th cent. when the state was conquered by Ahoms. Subsequently they were ousted by the Burmese. who handed over the country to the British by the pact of Yandaboo in 1826. All the major races of the universe such as. Austro-Asiatic. the Indo- Aryans. Indo-Tibetans. Indo-Burmese. Mongolians. etc. have combined to do the great Assamese people of today. Assam. nevertheless. has remained practically a land of Tibeto- Burmese people. Assamiya or Assamese is the lingua franca of the province.

Assam can be divided into three natural parts. viz. the Brahmaputra vale. the Barak vale and the Hilly parts. These parts are rather distinguishable from one another with respect to the composing of people. mode of life and civilization. The mighty Brahmaputra along with Barak has nourished the province from clip immemorial and has been a beginning of consolation every bit good as a beginning of sorrow for the people of the province. The economic system of the province is overpoweringly agricultural and about 75 % of the population straight or indirectly depends on this sector for their support. Rice. fruits. aracanut. jute. sugar cane. and tea are the main agricultural green goods of the province. The province besides produces about half of the country’s entire end product of tea. he province is rich in natural resources such as oil. gas. coal. and limestone.

The perfect merger of heritage. tradition. religions. and beliefs of legion races has resulted in many festivals in the province. The chief festivals of Assam are the ‘Bihus’ which are celebrated all over the province by every 1 with great gaudery and magnificence. The most colorful amongst the three ‘Bihus’ is the spring festival known as Rongali Bihu. Nature has copiously blessed Assam with capturing sights and exciting natural scenery. Kaziranga National Park and Manas Sanctuary are the main tourer Centres celebrated for Royal Bengal tiger. one-horned rhinos and aureate langur.

The other attractive forces of the province are the celebrated Kamakhya temple near Guwahati. Umananda temple. Navagraha temple. Kareng Ghar. Rang ghar. Talatal Ghar. Majuli island. Jatinga. etc. Cuddling in the Himalayan foothills the province is rich in cultural heritage. natural beauty. and mineral resources. There is no denying the fact that the province of Assam during the last 50 old ages has made great paces in many Fieldss. But a batch more remains to be done to convey the province to the head of development and advancement. Given better political stableness. equal emphasis on industrialization. proper use of resources available and less combativeness. the province can jump frontward to an epoch of prosperity and all-round development.

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