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Netstat – College

Netstat – College

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  • Published: June 30, 2018
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Chapter 2

Solutions Review

1. The Netstat command indicates that POP3 is in use on a remote server. Which port is the remote server most likely using? b. Port 110

2. On a Windows computer, what command can you enter to show all open ports being used? a. Netstat

3. Which protocol uses UDP? d. TFTP

4. Which protocol offers guaranteed delivery and is connection oriented? c. TCP

5. TCP communication could be likened to which of the following? d. Phone conversation

6. Which of the following protocols is connectionless? Choose all that apply. ) a. UDP b. IP

7. Which command verifies the existence of a node on a network? a. Ping

8. FTP offers more security than TFTP. True or False? True

9. List the three components of the TCP/IP three-way handshake. SYN, SYN-ACK, and ACK

10. What protocol is used for reporting or informational purposes? c. ICMP

11. List the six flags of a TCP packet. SYN, ACK, PSH, URG, RST, FIN

12. A UDP packet is usually smaller than a TCP packet. True or False? True

13. What port, other than port 110, is used to retrieve e-mail? . Port 143

14. What port does DNS use? d. Port 53

15. What command is used to log on to a remo


te server, computer, or router? c. Telnet

16. Which of the following is not a valid octal number? c. 3482

17. The initial sequence number (ISN) is set at which step of the TCP three-way handshake? d. 1 and 2

18. A Ping command initially uses which ICMP type code? b. Type 8

19. “Destination Unreachable” is designated by which ICMP type code? c. Type 3

20. What’s the hexadecimal equivalent of the binary number 1111 1111? .

FF Activities

Activity 2-4

1. Octal values are 4, 7, 5, 3, and 2.
2. Students should have written the binary number 101, which converts to the octal number 5 (1 + 0 + 4).
3. Use 111 000 000 in binary and 700 in octal.
4. Use 111 110 100 in binary and 764 in octal.
5. The calculation should be 777 – 020 = 757. Converting octal 757 gives the directory permissions rwxr-xrwx.
6. Students should have done the following to solve this problem: Default permission: 666 umask 022 Result: 644 Permissions: rw-r–r–

Case Projects Case Project 2-1: Determining the Services Running on a Network Answers may vary. The memo should include the most obvious services that would be running on a corporate network. At the very least, the network would be running e-mail (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP) and Web services.

Case Project 2-2: Investigating Possible E-mail Fraud Answers may vary. The memo should include the syntax for connecting to an e-mail server and sending an e-mail to another person, using a different From address.

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