My First Offhand Speech Essay

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My heart is racing, my legs are trembling, and I am sweating all over. Why am I so nervous? It’s not the first competition that I’ve attended, why is this different? For me, I could only come up with one reason. As you all might notice, the school’s annual offhand speech contest is approaching. And, as a result of my sophisticated consideration, I have decided to let Albert to represent our class. Our teacher announces the shocking news as I sit in my chair empty minded.

Just as she assisted students attending all other competitions, our teacher helps me prepare for this event a month before the actual competition. She gives me a topic every day and coerces me to present in front of the whole class, ignoring the fact that I’m one of the shiest students in class and my sadistic friends grinning in front of me. Before I know it, the day had come. All contestants are receiving their topics, and with a maximum preparation time for five minutes, we must be ready to present.

My topic, ‘typhoon’, isn’t the hardest topic I’ve seen, but with such a short time limit, I am literally freaking out. My knees are shaking, and my hands are trembling. I realize that I can’t think of anything! My mind blanks out, and my brain isn’t functioning at all. As I’m about to give up, memories flashes by, I can see me practicing again and again in front of the mirror, trying as hard as I can to make it perfect. Am I really going to quit? Do I really want to give up after all these efforts that I made? Of course not!

For the first time, with two minutes left, dozens of ideas flow in. I quickly put them in order and walks on stage as the judges summons me. For the first time, I feel that I am filled with confidence. I start the speech with a jolt making clear the enthusiasm in my voice, trying to impress the judges. I speak fluently, reasonably expressing my ideas in order during my speech. Finally, I finishes it with a flawless conclusion and timing. As I am leaving the stage, my peers go nuts. Hugging me, they give various compliments for my speech.

Even my picky teacher says that I did a great job. A few days later, the results are decided. I am sitting in my seat impatiently, listening to my homeroom teacher announcing my awards to my classmates, and I realize why I was so nervous. For all the times I receive awards, there’s nothing special to me, it just seems like a routine work. This time, I am receiving an award for something I found interest in doing. I learn to follow my heart through this experience, and by trying to make the best of it, I’ll always know that it will result in the best way.

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