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Some scholar said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I believe in it so I believe in beauty of my dreams. I have dreams for my beloved motherland Pakistan. I have dreams for it because I am daughter of this soil, I enjoy the soothing breeze of its mountains, I sit under its shady tress, I drink the cool and sweet water of its springs, it loves me like a mother and I love it too much. Before I discuss my dreams, first let’s talk about today’s Pakistan. Today in Pakistan, our countrymen are facing a lot of problems. These problems include terrorism, racism, provincialism, fanaticism, extremism and many more isms. All these tendencies which fan the forces of separatism and disruption would be eliminated if the main problem to these social evils would be put down. In order to cure the disease, we need a diagnosis and I will also try to find the root cause of these illnesses. The main problems we are facing today are ignorance, disunity and poverty. Come let’s talk about them and then the solutions to them.

IGNORANCE! Ignorance is the basic mistake done from past fifty years when the government should have spent money on education for all. Do you know why there was ignorance? It was because the people were uneducated. They didn’t have manners and the big power countries of the world were laughing on them. Pakistan of my dreams is filled up with the best scholars of the world and everyone is well educated. Their chant is always the same and that is “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”. I can see in my dream that none of the students has to leave the school because of teachers’ strict behaviour. Schools, colleges and universities are providing education not just working as degree issuing machines. People in the villages have best educational institutions on their door-step. Now there is no brain drain, rather students from different parts of the world come to Pakistan for education. We have many universities in the top ranking universities lists.

DISUNITY! Unity plays a vital role in our society but the Muslims are not united and this is the worst thing! When you ask someone who are you? The usual replies are Panjabi, Balochi, Pathan etc. Nobody says that they are Muslims and Pakistanis. Whenever I hear such replies, my heart sinks. In my dreams, Pakistan would be united. There won’t be any major groups.In my dream Pakistan the headlines news will not be about killings, blasts, frauds, ethnic differences, but they will be about big deeds of our youngsters. Inter-faith and intra-faith harmony will be the order of the day. There won’t be flags of so many different colours but one Pakistani green and white flag with its shining crescent and a star will flutter on every building.

POVERTY! Not so very long ago, a Pakistani could proudly say, while drawing a comparison with India where millions slept hungry at night, that no-one in his country went to bed with an empty stomach and today Poverty in Pakistan is a growing concern. Poverty is well known in Pakistan and is largest in country areas. Poverty is the lack of basic human needs, such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter because of the less power to have enough money for their needs. Poverty is the condition of having fewer resources or less profits than others countries. The literacy rate of Pakistan is very low. Most of people do not have any idea about the modern sources. These things are taking Pakistan to a poor environment. In my dream Pakistan all the people will have approach to clean drinking water, they will have enough to eat, appropriate to wear and enough place to reside in. No one will sleep on the footpaths, where the bread will be cheaper than the bullet and human beings will be treated as the most important creation.“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” I am not hopeless at all. I have strong faith in Almighty Allah. He will bring good from the evil. Many nations faced the same situation in the past and we are no exception. The only thing needed today is that belief in Almighty Allah and then hard work is required to materialize the dreams.

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