Motor Control/Motor Learning Strategies

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afferent information sent by various sensory receptos to control centers.
readies the system in advance of movement; anticipatory responses that adjust the system for incoming sensory feedback or for future movements
determine overall quality of performance, level of automaticity, level of effort, speed of decision making.
the ability to demonstrate the skill after a period of no practice
acuired capability to apply what has been learned to other similiar tasks
Resistance to contextual change
acquired capability to apply what has been learned to other environmental contexts
Intrinstic feedback
sensory information normally acquired during performance of task
augmented feedback
externally presented feedback that is added to that normally acquired during task performance (verbal cueing)
knowledge of results
augmented feedback about the outcome of a movement
knowledge of performance
augmented feedback about the nature of the movement produced
feedback schedules
feedback given after every trial, feedback summed (after set number of trials), fading (decreasing), bandwith (if responses outside a designated range)
blocked practice
practice of a single motor skill repeatedly; repetitive practice
variable practice
practice of varied motor skills in which the performer is required to make rapid modifications of the skill in order to match the demands of the task
random practice
practice of a group or class of motor skils in random order
serial practice
practice of a group or class of motor skills in serial or predictable
massed practice
relatively continuous practice in which the amount of rest time is small
distributed practice
practice in which the rest time is relatively large
mental practice
cognitive rehearsal of a motor skill without overt physical performance
part-whole transfer
complex motor task is broken into components or subordinate parts for separate practice before practice of the integrated whole.
bilateral transfer
improvement in movement skill prformance with one limb results from practice of similar movements with the opposite limb.

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