Metacognition and Learning Strategies

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the awareness of one’s own cognitive process
Thinking about thinking relates to what process?
Declarative Knowledge
acquired factual knowledge stored in long-term memory
Knowing that the sky is blue and that a dog has four legs and barks is an example of: declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, or self-regulatory knowledge?
Declarative Knowledge
Procedural Knowledge
knowledge that is demonstrated when we perform a task; “knowing how”
Knowing how to use a recipe and baking cookies is an example of: declarative, procedural or self-regulatory knowledge?
Procedural Knowledge
the process of directing and controlling one’s behavior.
Knowing when to use the brakes or gas when driving a car is an example of: declarative, procedural, or self-regulatory knowledge?
Self-Regulatory Knowledge
Learning Strategies
general plans for approaching learning tasks
Taking notes, highlighting, summarizing and rewording difficult passages, and focusing attention are all examples of what?
Learning Strategies
Metacognition includes what two parts of the memory?
Working Memory and Long-Term Memory
The three essential skills of metacognition are…
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating
Making a timeline and setting a schedule is an example of what essential skill?
Self-questioning is an example of what essential skill?
Reflection and self-assessment are examples of what essential skill?
Which of these is not an example of metacognition?
a.) knowing how well you did on a test you’ve just finished
b.) knowing how to recognize the important parts of a lecture
c.) knowing where your third period class is
d.) knowing if you’ve studied long enough for an exam
c.) knowing where your third period class is
When does metacognition begin to develop?
Around 3rd to 5th grade
Is metacognition innate or can it be developed?
It can be taught

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