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In my current position I work at our local cable company in the Quality Department. My team not only reviews calls on call center employees but we also work with Corporate Escalations. Our process for all escalation starts out with researching the complaint; make contact with the customer and finalize a resolution that hopefully satisfies the customer. When researching the complaint from the customer we review their account with us, dig into our policies and procedures and determine if anything was broken or handled incorrectly and then determine what the best resolution would be.

While trying to determine a resolution we must ask questions such as who, what, when, where, why and how. By asking these questions we can ensure we have all parts of the situation handled. Whenever, I read over the template we put together which includes; facts determine by investigation and the resolution I ask each of these questions to ensure I have the beginning, middle and end. We also conclude research when studying certain topics for high call volume. At one point I had my team reviewing short calls to compile as much information as possible as to why the calls are so short and what things are being missed.

Then after researching short calls all the information is saved in an excel spreadsheet which breaks down each supervisor and their agents and then is forward to all supervisors to resolve. The research process is asking a question and then more questions attached in order to determine an outcome/resolution. The question is what starts your research and will lead you in the right direct and then by asking more and more questions you can reach the end. I never looked at research as being as important as it is and that without research we would be assuming or predicting answers.

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