Making School Uniforms Mandatory Essay

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In the school setting, there are a lot of issues that are under debate. One of these is wearing school uniforms. Some would oppose to the idea of uniform being mandatory, for the reason that it is related to neither academic nor their personal lives. A number of reasons have been cited as to why students should be required to wear uniforms and these include academics, identity, safety, cost, and individuality. School uniforms have been a practice in most schools since time in memorial. The reason behind this practice has been mainly the identity factor it gives school pupils.

Students in uniform have a unique identity and this create unity among them. Uniforms make all students equal in a school environ and this enhances their concentration in their studies. Research has proved that students who wear uniform tend to concentrate more and perform better in their studies. On the other hand, enemies of school uniforms still have a lot to say. Opponents of school uniforms indicate that wearing school uniforms has very little or no relation to academics. Whether this may be true or not, academics are not the only important thing in school.

Students should learn discipline a virtue that will go a long way in shaping them to fit in their future careers out of school. Disciplined individual knows how to follow even the simplest of rules and guidelines. Uniform strongly promotes discipline since when a student leaves home for school, he or she will be wearing a uniform and it will be readily understood that the student is going to school. If the student is seen elsewhere during school hours, it is immediately understood that he or she skipped school. This will discourage them from straying out of school since they won’t enjoy the privacy they’d get without the uniforms.

For instance, students in school uniform cannot enter a bar and enjoy their time in such places. The uniforms will evidently act as proof that the person is at the wrong place and no one will tolerate having school pupils in uniforms in bars. Students may suggest that having uniforms may not represent their true identity and their academic spirit. In a school environment students should be focused on projects, homework, exams, but not their clothing. Having uniform keeps up the academic spirit and school pride. Being proud of one’s school greatly helps increase students’ interest in studying.

During tournaments for instance sports tournaments, schools are identified in their uniforms. A performing school will feel proud by wearing their uniforms as a form of identity. Some people might argue that Uniforms do not play a role in improving security for the students. Well, in my argument, I would strongly support students to wear uniforms. Anytime a student is not in uniform, his or her activities cannot be monitored. For instance, after school hours for students who are day scholars may decide to remove their uniforms and wear casual clothes on their way home.

They may then engage in criminal activities and rarely will anyone notice they are students and not allowed to engage in such activities like drug abuse or even be involved in gang crimes. Without uniforms, students will dress in all manner of clothes trying to emulate their “role models”. Many will wear gangster kind of clothes as a way to identify themselves with certain groups. Uniforms will hinder them enjoying such freedom and this will make them disciplined and able to concentrate in their studies. In terms of security in school compounds, school uniform will reduce the risk of any trespasser getting into school premises unnoticed.

For instance, in our school, I have actually witnessed a situation where my teacher easily spotted a young man on our school premises not wearing the uniform. He turned out to be one of the students’ friend who was about to ditch school. This shows that school uniforms provide safety for students. Enemies of uniforms argue that the cost of uniforms is an additional expense for families when sending their children to school. This claim however carries no weight at all compared to advantages School uniforms give to our students.

It is notable that casual clothes are far more expensive compared to Uniforms and hence the claim that students should not wear uniforms because of their additional expenses is not true. Uniforms can usually be bought now at low prices and are generally affordable. Moreover, if a sibling is attending the same school, the younger child can use hand-me-down uniforms. Without uniforms, we put our students at risk and also give them an environment that is not suitable for their studies as they concentrate on dressing more than education. Uniforms reduce these risks.

Most students would backup their argument of not having school uniforms as being mandatory because it would make them alike which might result in not having a liberal personality. Uniforms are known to eliminate bullying which could arise from the clothes that other student’s wear. Students that are not fashionable or do not wear designer clothes are a usual target for school bullies. Requiring a uniform eliminates such situations that at times would be more serious and discriminative. For instance, my friend came to school not wearing the black required school shoe and all attention was addressed to him.

This therefore made people embarrass him and make fun of him because of the brand of the shoe he was wearing. This shows that the simplest clothing items could either draw attention to a student or humiliate him or her. From the information above, we can note that uniforms are a good requirement in schools. It is clear that schools uniforms have more advantages to students and schools as students are able to concentrate in their studies, schools are able to monitor intruders for their safety. It also keeps the school a good learning environment by maintaining uniformity. School uniforms are also affordable compared to designer clothing.

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