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brain cells
what is a neuron made of?
cell body, axon, dendrites
cell body
contains a nucleus and other organelles
long single fiber that sends information to dendrites of another brain cell
twigs or web-like branches that receive information
The action inside the cell is
the action between cells is
axon & dendrites
have connection points
as learning takes place, branches spread and thinken which make connections more possible.
axon is coated with
Starting the Connection:
interest, intent to remember, basic background
Controlling the Amount and form of information:
Selectivity, meaningful organization
Strengthening Neural Connections:
recitation, visualization, association
Allowing Time to solidify pathways:
consolidation, distributed practice
RAS reticular activation system
first filter new info passes through
twig like branches that receive info
mnemonic device
sentence, word or rhyme used to remember something
gap between the axon and dendrite
long single fiber that sends info
continual evolving and changing of the brain as new info is added
short term memory
5-7 bits of info
prefrontal cortex
executive functions ( judgment, analysis, synthesis, problem solving and creativity)
limbic system
emotional core of brain includes amygdala and hippocampus
making connections with things you already know
chemical molecules, released into synapse and effect the strength of the connection
In order to learn something, you must believe that it has value and relevance. This describes what learning principle.
The two principles that fall under the category of controlling the amount and form are
Meaningful Organization and Selectivity
Getting it right the first time describes which learning principle?
Intent to Remember
The three principles that fall under the category of Starting the Connection are
Interest, Intent to Remember, and Basic Background
Your brain needs to know that it knows. In order to accomplish this, which of the follow must occur.
reinforcing the information in your preferred modality (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic

reinforcing it the right number of times (for some once, for others maybe 20 times

reinforcing it a sufficient length of time (from a couple of seconds to several hours)

Which of the following are examples of ways to consolidate.
• Taking notes and asking questions in class.
• Making and reciting flashcards.
• Stopping at the end of a paragraph and writing a question.
Self testing is a good way to study because it
• simulates test conditions
• gives you feedback
• uses consolidation
• all of the above. (correct answer)
Memory and learning cause biological changes in the brain.
Your brain works on kinetic energy and weighs about one pound.
Attention is not the same as learning, but little learning takes place without attention.
Consolidation is where the difference in understanding something and knowing something becomes most apparent.
Researchers have found the brain’s quickest response is to color, motion, form, and depth.
Because the conscious brain can process only nine to fifteen bits of information at a time, you are able to learn and remember better if you group ideas into meaningful categories of fewer than fifteen items.
A mnemonic device is a means of enhancing memory and one way meaningfully organizing new information
Because the connections in your brain are strengthened by the number of times you use them, several short sessions are better than one or a few long ones.
The four factors that influence reception are interest, understanding, knowledge, and intent to remember
Reflection is examining information and trying to discover how it relates to what you already know and what meaning it has for you.
to remember something you need to be interested in it
intent to remember
coming prepared and willing to learn new information, even though it might not be something you want to hear.
basic background
the more you know about the topic you are researching, the more ideas can easily flow.
determine what is important
meaningful organization
grouping things to understand better
saying something out loud in your own words so that you can understand it better
taking a mental picture of something will help you remember easier
tie new info with something you already knew
taking ownership of new info by allowing time for neuronal pathways to be established
shorter study session help you remember easier
King (knowledge)
Charles (comprehension)
Ate (application)
Amazing (analysis)
Sweet (synthesis)
Ears (evaluation
blooms taxonomy

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