Learning Photoshop CS2 : Chapter 2 Vocab Part 1

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To cause data to be stored in computer memory
Design Elements
Images, graphics, text, colors, and empty space on the page used to create different feelings or moods
A format that a computer can recognize
Digital Camera
Camera that converts an image to a format that a computer can recognize
Dots Per Inch (DPI)
Scale for measuring the resolution of a printed image
Drag A Box
Click and hold the mouse button and drag the cursor to the opposite corner of a desired area before releasing the mouse button
Type of printing done by laser printers and commercial printing presses. Creates rows of tiny dots that can be square, diamond-shaped, circular, and cross-shaped, and are often printed at an angle
High Resolution
An image with pixels so small that the human eye cannot make out the individual pixels when printed
Image Capture Device
Device that converts an image to a format that can be stored in a computer memory
Inkjet Printers
Printers that create an image by spraying microscopic dots of ink on paper
Low Resolution
Image with pixels large enough to be visible to the human eye when printed
1,000,000 pixels. Multiply resolution dimensions to attain megapixel rating of a camera
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Description of how wide a pixel is compared to how tall it is
Tiny, colored squares that make up a digital image

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