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1. (U3C8L2:Q1) You are discussing potential service learning projects with Debra, a fellow
JROTC Cadet. Debra needs some work done on her car and suggests offering a free car repair
clinic to students as a service learning project since several other Cadets know how to work on
cars. How do you respond to Debra’s suggestion?
A) Remind Debra that service learning needs to address a school or community need that
relates to the JROTC curriculum. Since car repair isn’t part of the curriculum, it would not be an
appropriate project.
2. (U3C8L2:Q2) Which of the following option (A-D) is NOT a good example of being
prepared for a service learning project?
D) Post a detailed schedule for the project and remind everyone that they must meet the
posted deadlines.
3. (U3C8L2:Q3) Your service learning team is developing a plan of action for a community
wide recycling drive. As you plan for all of the tasks that need to be completed, you realize that
there is no way that you can accomplish a recycling drive for the whole community in the time
that you have for the project.
A) Revise the project goal. Instead of trying to cover the whole community, target a
realistic number of neighborhoods.
4. (U3C8L2:Q4) Which of the following options (A-D) would NOT be a rule for Executing
the Service in a service learning project:
B) If you are a team leader, make sure your team members are assigned to the easiest
5. (U3C8L2:G2) A teacher-planned introductory project designed to introduce students to
service learning and provide them with a meaningful experience is also called a(n) ___________

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