It was a cool spring day in early April

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Excitement was filling the air that traveled around by the fingertips of the breeze. John was walking on the busy streets of Boston, wondering and observing the beautiful clear sky. “So beautiful,” he thought, “nothing can be more beautiful than this…” He then froze. All he could see was a gorgeous woman of about twenty-five walking towards him. John could not keep his eyes off her.

As she walked past him, she accidentally dropped her purse. John bent down to help her. They smiled at each other. Her wide smile was so enchanting. “Thank you very much,” she said with the soft voice.

“You are welcome…”

“Rose- Rose McCarthy,” she quickly filled in the sentence.

“Oh, no!” thought John. “She is Chris McCarthy’s daughter – the owner of the CompuServe company! One of the richest people in the town!” He could not say he was John Tray. What kind of name is this? He earns only enough to feed himself and pay his rent. By saying his name, Rose would find out everything about him and will not want to see him. But she was so beautiful, he did not want to lose her!

Being in a hurry and not getting a response, Rose took her purse and kept walking. “Wait!” exclaimed John as he ran after her. “Will I see you again?”

Rose smiled. She liked him, too. “Of course,” she slowly replied.

“Would you like to go out for dinner with me?” John found the guts to ask her.

“Okay, I’d like that very much.” They smiled. “Why don’t we meet right here, by the Lilac Plaza tomorrow at about 7:30?”

“Great! I’ll see you then.” They blushed and went on in opposite directions.

John knew he had no time to fail. This was true love; he just felt it. But Rose would never be in love with John Tray – he was just a substitute teacher. “I know exactly what to do!” He ran inside his friend’s house. Kevin was watching TV when his anxious friend opened the door.

“Kev, you have to help me!” John exclaimed.

“What’s up?” Kevin asked curiously.

“You know how you helped a few people change their identities? I need that! Change my name! Completely! I want to be a completely new person!”

“Why? You live a comfortable life! You earn enough money for food and you have a roof over your head. And soon you will become a permanent teacher!” Kevin said. John told him of his afternoon and meeting Rose. Reluctantly, Kevin agreed to help his friend.

John Tray became James Scheurgan that evening. “He is a bank owner, came from New York. Never married…” Kevin went on telling more information about his new friend.

“Thanks, you’re the best, man!”

The next night, Rose and James met and spent a wonderful time together. She was impressed by him and he was in love with her. He walked her to her house. She kissed him on a cheek. “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, James Scheurgan!” she said softly with her eyes glittering. She opened the door and disappeared behind it.

Just at that moment, a policeman walked past James. He stopped. “James? James Scheurgan? Is that your name, sir?” he asked James.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s me,” James replied. Suddenly, the policeman took out handcuffs and put them on James’ wrists.

“What is this?! What are you doing?”

“Mr. Scheurgan, you are under arrest for stealing the diamond necklace that was worth $50,000. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Oh my! It took us five years to finally find you!” the officer ordered James inside the police car, and James rode completely dumbfounded.

James Scheurgan spent eight years in jail. No one could get him out of the jail. He gave up trying to reach Kevin, who he found out has moved after getting a promotion to work in California. The years slowly drifted away, and so did Rose. She was in so much pain when she heard what happened. She did not want to see James ever again.

As James finally stepped out of the jail after so many years of chock and pain, he could feel that beautiful spring breeze rush through his body, just like eight years ago. “So beautiful,” he said looking at the sky.

He walked for hours enjoying the day. Suddenly, he saw two familiar faces standing on the sidewalk. James approached them, “Rose and Kevin,” he whispered. He ran towards them. At first they could not realize who he was.

“John?” Kev was puzzled.

“James?” Rose asked.

“You ruined my life, Kev. How could you?” James said.

“What are you talking about?” Kevin was surprised by the harsh greeting that came from his old friend.

“First you gave me a name of a bandit, and then you took my love!” exclaimed James.

“What do you mean ‘a name of a bandit’?” Kevin was shocked.

“James Scheurgan stole a diamond necklace worth $50,000 and I spent all this time in jail because of that!”

“This can’t be!” Kevin said, losing his voice. “I used to be James Scheurgan. That used to be my real name. I’ve never committed a crime in my life! I am the real James Scheurgan!…”

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