Ingram Micro and H&R Block Get Close to Their Customers Essay

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1) Both companies Ingram Micro and H and R block both experienced difficulties in managing customers. Both companies had to change there business process and there internal cultures to cope with the changing customer environment. I think the web has changed the expectations of customers because they want everything to be shorter and quicker. Customers want to order what they want faster they also want it shipped and delivered faster because they know that with today’s technology it can be done. When working online I expect the service firm to be up to date with its technology and fast to satisfy me as a customer.

2) I think that when the H and R financial advisor said that he wants to change his approach with its customers he meant that he wants to get a better relationship with them and get to know what they all want and faster. He wants his representatives to get to know the client on an upper level not just business. The customer would want a better relationship because then they can trust the company more and feel more comfortable when using the company.

3) The managers expect to close business faster and become more timely. They also expect to gain an early return on investment. They basically want to do business faster and better and treat there customers better. They also want an increase in trading accounts.

4) I think they chose Microsoft because it is one of the most common vendors. They always hear good things about Microsoft and it will fit there companies the best.

5) I think that the changes that where needed was a better software to help the companies get work done faster and easier for there customers to be happy. They also had to develop better relationships with there customers so there business was able to flow smoothly.

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