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d. well-known people of the day
What was one way the Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism in their paintings?
b. religious upheaval
What major theme of the northern Renaissance did Albrecht Durer’s engravings portray?
Tended to focus more on worldly subjects
How did Humanist scholars differ from medieval thinkers?
The age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts
Define Renaissance
Leonardo de Vinci
Who produced The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa?
Sir Thomas more
What humanist of Northern Europe wrote about his vision of an ideal society, in which people live in peace and harmony?
Nicole Machicavelli
Who was the Italian Renaissance author who wrote a guide for rulers on how to gain and maintain power?
Baldassare castiglione
Who was the author of The Book of the Courtier, describes the manners, skills, learning, and virtues that a member of the court should have?
John Calvin
The Swiss citystate of Geneva became a model of Protestant Morality under the leadership o
Each German prince could decide the religions for his lands
What resulted from the Peace of Augsburg in 1555?
Infants are too young to accept. The Christian Faith
Why did the Anabaptists believe babies should not be baptized?
Establish the direction that reform should take the pope
What was the purpose of the Council of Trent?
Henry wanted a divorce
What triggered the events that resulted in the formation of the Church of England?
Today’s Baptists, Mennonites and Amish trace their religious ancestry to what group?
It provided penalties for corruption among the clergy
What changes did the Catholic Church make during the Catholic Reformation
To defend restore and spread the Christian Faith
What was the main goal of the Jesuits
word renaissance means “rebirth”. Yes this name accurately describes this period in history because the renaissance marked the transition from medieval times to the early modern world. Medieval scholars focused more on religious beleifs and spirituality while the renaissance explored the richness and variety of human experience. Intellectual movements such as humanish who studied the classical cilture of Greece and Rome and artists such as Michelangelo who created sculptors such as David. The statue was protrayed the power and strength of Florence, Italy
The period in Western Europe that began in the 1300’s and peaked around 1500 is called the Renaissance. What does the word renaissance mean? Do you think this name accurately describes this period in history? Explain why or why not.
Martin Luther meant by this statement was that the printing press allowed ordinary people to able to read and study the Bible. Martin Luther felt this way because of the corruption in the Catholic church at that time. In the catholic church priest’s interpret the Bible for the people, so the printing press allowed people to read and study the bible themselves on their own perspective.
Printing was God’s highest act of grace.” Martin Luther Explain what Martin Luther meant by his statement and why he might have felt this way.
The pope awarded him the title “Defender of the faith” when he wrote a phamplet that denounced luther. Parliament passed the Act of Supermacy which made Henry VIII the supreme head of the church. He also closed down Catholic convents and monasteries because he claims that they were centers of immorality. thomas cranmer
At the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, Henry VIII supported the Catholic Church against reformers. How did Henry end up taking over the English Church? Explain fully
the dome of saint peter david and pieta
Pantheon in Rome
paintings of everyday peasants
Pieter Bruegel
gargantua and pantagruel two giants
the last supper mona Lisa
Leonardo de Vinci
sweetness and gracious nature the school of Athens
Leonardo of the north engravings in wood and metal
Albrecht Durer
english poet and playwright
sonnets 12 line poems
flemish painter vibrant colors oil based paintingsn
Jan van Eyck
translated the bible to greek

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