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My name is Calum Green and I am a hard-working student of 10Fr. I have recently performed my GCSE drama piece, that I took a year early, which I will also be doing in mathematics. I am currently part of the Year 10 Council and represent my year in the School Council. I feel I would be suited to the Head Boy role as, I’m sure you’ll agree, the Council’s main aim member of the football, rugby, athletics, cricket and basketball team, which is currently the Havering Cup Champions.

I am a confident person, that can work very well individually, and as part of a team. I can organise my time efficiently to meet all aspects of school, and social life and feel I have gained a certain amount of respect from not only the staff, but from my colleagues as well. I can communicate to both, with comfort and ease and am always willing to help out around the school.

During my time at Marshalls Park, I have developed great leadership skills. After two years as the football team captain, I have learnt to motivate people to get the best out of them. I have become confident when under pressure, due to countless exams which I have passed and many sports events, including four cup finals.

I already have the experience of being a prefect, when the Year 11s were away, so I no what to expect when it comes to duties. I performed them with comfort and enjoyment and was able to give orders without becoming intimidated. I am polite and encouraging so the job, I feel, would be perfect to me.

However, if my application is unsuccessful, I would you to consider me for the Middle Management role, for Sports. I love sports and get on extremely well with the P.E. department.

Again, I would be immensely grateful if I was selected, as it truly would be a great honour to represent the whole of my school; I would wear the school colours and badge with pride.

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