Failure versus Success Essay

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Failure plays a big role people’s lives. It can change a person for the better or for the worst. The real question is, what teaches a person more, failure or success? In my experience failure is the teacher, while success is the outcome of the lessons one has learned. Failure comes along more often than success, and the key is not to give up.

As a young girl, I began beginning the “Make-up wearing stage” of my life. As I experimented with make-up, it took countless failures to finally learn the right way to apply the different items. The mistakes I made helped me to properly wear make-up successfully. Some people believe that being able to create beautiful art is a gift, but it also takes a huge amount of effort and practice. When I began teaching myself to do watercolor paintings, I became increasingly aggravated that the outcome was not how I expected it to be. After multiple hours and many wasted canvases, I successfully painted a ballerina the way I wanted it to look. This could not have happened without many failures along the way.

The older I have gotten, the importance of accessorizing and looking fashionable has grown. In order for this to happen, I began browsing magazines and web sites for possible outfit ideas. Many fashion mishaps and accessory mistakes later, I finally created a style that fit my personality and figure. I discovered the key to fashion is feeling comfortable in my own skin, and not worrying what others would think of me as long as I am happy. Riding a bike is something every kid learns to do, but for me it took a long time to finally master. As a child I had a problem balancing on the bike and would always tip over before I got very far. It was frustrating, and finally one day my dad was pushing me and I was pedaling, he finally let go and I continued to pedal and maintained my balance. This was one of the happiest moments of my life, I had always used training wheels, and using a big-girl bike made me feel much more mature. Without many falls and getting bruises and scrapes on my bike, I wouldn’t have learned how to ride it.

Failure has a great significance in my life and it almost always ends in success. Even the simplest tasks must first start with failure, learning to write, to swim, or maybe even to drink out of a straw. Thomas Edison could not have invented the light bulb without many mistakes before it actually worked. I also could not have learned any of the actions I perform on a daily basis. Failure teaches me, I learn to try things differently and to look at the task with a different perspective. Maintaining a positive outlook and trying your best will always bring you one step closer to success.

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