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Nowadays, users of online social networking communities are disclosing large amounts of personal information, putting themselves at a variety of risks. Social networking site, such as Facebook, one of the foremost social networking websites, with over 9. 4 million users spanning over 2,000 college campuses, is considered for many people as a second home. College students are primary users of Facebook and are most likely to be effected and jeopardized by serious flaws in this system.

Students tend to join Facebook as soon as possible, usually putting real time and effort into creating their profiles. However, in many cases students are unaware of the complex interactions between university policy and the information they are making available online. Administrators are using Facebook to learn about their students and their activities, therefore students must be especially aware of the risks that come with signing up for Facebook account.

Privacy on Facebook is undermined by three principal factors: ? sers disclose to much ? Facebook does not take adequate steps to protect user privacy ? third parties are actively seeking out someone’s information using Facebook. We as Group C, conducted a research about Facebook privacy by using credible and trustworthy sources from online databases such as ProQuest and EBSCOhost. Additionally, we used recent newspaper articles from New York Time and scholarly journals such as Business Horizons and Internal Auditor to find information about low privacy protections in Facebook.

By conducting Facebook research, we have found that university administrators or police officers may search the site for evidence of students breaking their school’s regulations. Users may submit their data without being aware that it may be shared with advertisers. Third parties may build a database of Facebook data to sell. Intruders may steal passwords, or entire databases.

More than one in five employers search social networking sites to screen job candidates, according to a survey of more than 31, 000 employers released by CareerBuilder. om (Lunsford 673). Of the hiring managers who use social networks, one-third said they found information on such sites that caused them to toss the candidate out of consideration for a job, the survey said (673). On the other side, profiles that show professional image and solid references can boost a candidate’s chances for a job, according to hiring managers. In conclusion, do not put anything on the internet that you do not want other people to see. It’s as simple as that.

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