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Nowadays, social networking was no longer being an awkward things to us. It has been spread up in all ages whether adults or children. Social networking were used by us to communicate to each others. It has been designed with various type of programme such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. In all, the most popular social networking that are used by people especially students is Facebook. Facebook interact the people all around the world without a limitation. Facebook also were easy to access.

But does it bring a harm or good to students when it seems that it has become an addiction to them?. In my opinion, I think I do not agreed with negative side which is it can bring harm to students. On what reason it can harm the user.?. As all of us know that the main function of Facebook is that it unite the people all over the world. This part seems can harm the students?. Not for me. As a students in order to be good in all part of life we must have a good knowledge not just in studies but on what issues that play around us too.

Facebook make students always concern on what had happened on their surroundings. Idioms said that “united we stand, separate we fall”. It shown that, from Facebook we can create a good relationship between people without care about their age, religion and also nations. We can also know what was really happened at their places or country. For example, if we are adding up people from Gaza to be as our friends, we were able to know on what was really happened there. We can ask them directly on what we want to know. So from it, we were able to help our friends that are needed.

Besides, Facebook also as a good places for us to learn about another culture of country, the way they talk or may be the one of the most good place for us to have a holiday. Students can also share what is the most attraction in their country to each others when it seems that our friends is a tourist. It can also provide an income to our country. Besides that, students can also learn new language from their friends. It might be also a good way for a hobby collector for the one’s who’s admire in collecting the stem for example. Facebook share a lot of benefit to students which is its doesn’t bring a harm to them.

Therefore, “never judge a book by its cover”. Its actually refer to them who’s said that when the student get addicted to Facebook, they might loss their attraction and for them study was no longer being a priority. It is happen when the student were unable to manage their time properly. The brilliant’s said that, “The one’s who success is the one’s who succees in managing their time with successful”. It actually depend on how the student used it. Facebook not just only act where the place for student to get social but it is also contribute some help in studies.

One of the good benefit that student can get from Facebook is that it is also act as a place where students can do a group discussion. It is simple. Student need to share on what they do not understand in studies at their wall. From there, their classmates and also others friend can share their opinion at box comment in order to resolve the problem faced. Another benefit from Facebook is that it can saved our time and energy. This is because we do not have to meet our friends to do a group discussion. So, Facebook is good for student in order to help them in studies.

Besides, Facebook is the most effective way to reduce in immoral activities. Nowadays, the increases in immoral activities was so high especially among the students. Facebook help them from being involved in it. The most popular immoral activities among the student is that ‘rempit’. So when the students always stay at home facing the Facebook they do not have a chance to get themselves into it. This may contribute in reducing the rate of road accident too. In the other hand, Facebook also act as a place for student in order to help in managing the income of their family for the one’s who have a business.

As we now that, the cost for advertising was so expensive. So , the low income of family does not have a chance to advertise their business. From Facebook the student just need to exposed what type of business that was carried out by their family in group and get the booking from there. Members who attract to buy their product just need to bank in the money and wait for the goods. This may give a chance to students in order to help their family. Although Facebook seems that bring a lot of benefit to me, but I know that for some people “we are not in the same boat”.

This is because Facebook can lead to health problem. Reason for why this happen is that when the student spare up their time too long in front the laptop or the computer its can cause the blindness for the user. Research has been done and it have been prove that the light that comes out from the screen was not good to eyes. In addition, the student who stay up until midnight too doesn’t get enough rest. This may effect their concentration in class. They might fall asleep when the teacher is teaching. As the result they may not past their exam with flying colors.

But, as I’ve mentioned it already ,actually its depend on the student on how they manage their time whether its properly or not. In short, although Facebook bring a good and harm effect to student but I’m still believe that it bring a lot of good more than a harm. The benefit that we can get from it such as it unite the people, effective way for group discussion, reduce in immoral activities, help the low income of family and so on. So its depend on the student whether they use it in proper way or they might be misuse of it.

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