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Educating Rita By Willy Russell Example Essay Example
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Willy Russell was born in 1947 in Whiston which is close to Liverpool. Willy Russell had left school with one O-level in English. When Willy Russell had left school, Willy Russell had taken the job of being a hairdresser. Willy Russell had been through a selection of jobs which include writing songs for a local […]

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Reason Willy Russell
Our Day Out Analysis Persuasive Essay Example
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Willy Russell was born in 1937 in Winston, Lancashire. He grew up in Knowsley’s, a village just outside Liverpool. He described his school, Woodfall secondary as “chaotic, badly run. ” He also attended Rainford Secondary which he left at the age of 15 with no formal qualifications. After school, he worked at a lady hairdresser […]

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Child Our day out Willy Russell
How Highlight Themes And Issues In The Play Essay Example
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During this time England was experiencing great upheaval in both the political and social sphere. Society, during the 80’s, became a place of equal pay for women. The appointment of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister heralded a new era. The new Prime Minister was a woman, a time of Women’s superiority came about and Feminism […]

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England Feminism The Play Willy Russell
Educating Rita Example #4 Essay Example
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Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. Russell has written a string of popular, award-winning plays and musicals, but perhaps one of the most well known is Educating Rita. In this play Willy Russell is very much producing a mirror image of parts of his life. As a child and growing […]

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Educating Rita Willy Russell

Popular Questions About Willy Russell

What was Willy Russell's childhood like?
He was born into a working-class family in Liverpool. His father was an alcoholic and worked a variety of hard-scrabble jobs; on a production line in a factory, then down the mines. His parents were unhappily married all their lives. They were, he says, "complete opposites.
What is Willy Russell well known for?
William Russell (born 23 August 1947) is an English dramatist, lyricist and composer. ... His best known works are Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine, Blood Brothers and Our Day Out.
What does Willy Russell wrote about?
He wrote the lyrics and score for his popular musical Blood Brothers (1986), about a pair of twins separated at birth. The show has been playing in the West End since 1983 and has won 3 Best Music Awards and one Best Actress Award at the Laurence Olivier Awards.
What has Willy Russell said about writing Blood Brothers?
Blood Brothers is a musical with book, lyrics, and music by Willy Russell. ... Russell says that his work was based on a one-act play that he read as a child "about two babies switched at birth ... it became the seed for Blood Brothers."