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Love, Sex, and Romance
1211 words 3 pages

The movie Hitch is a romantic comedy that features Will Smith. The comedy co-stars other individuals such as Kevin James, Amber Valletta, and Eva Mendes. In the movie, Will Smith takes the role Alex “Hitch” Hitchens and he is portrayed as a professional date doctor who trains other men on how to woo women. Hitch […]

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Ethics Human Sexuality Movies Sex Social Psychology Society Will smith
Independence Day
982 words 2 pages

Independence Day and action Sci-Fi directed by Roland Emmerich was released in 1996 and starred will smith, Jeff Goldblum and bill Pullman. The plot of the film is fairly simple, earth is under threat from alien invasion and all we can do is fight back, the basic story is the same as many other sci-fi […]

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Pursuit of Happyness
1380 words 3 pages

No movie gives an impact better than a story that happens in a setting closer to the real scenarios of life. The movie Pursuit of Happyness acted by Will Smith gives us lessons in life in its rawest form. The film happens with a great taste of honesty. It teaches lessons you can use in […]

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Who is the best friend of Will Smith?
When Smith branched out into television with the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jazzy Jeff played a character named Jazz, Smith's best friend on the show. Jazzy Jeff was initially a recurring character in the first season, but became a regular shortly thereafter.