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“Awakenings”: Scientific Studies Essay Example
982 words 2 pages

Dr. Sayer was a very caring doctor who had started working with patients who have been comatose for several decades. He was a very determined human being and when he was told that there was no hope of any cure for his patients, he felt let down but that did not cause him to give […]

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The Pirate Bay Essay Example
2816 words 6 pages

The Pirate Bay: the World’s Most Resilient Copyright Infringer? The Pirate Bay (TPB), a Swedish Web site (Piratebay. org), is one of the world’s most popular pirated music and content sites, offering free access to millions of copyrighted songs and thousands of copyrighted Hollywood movies. In June 2011, the Pirate Bay reported that it had […]

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Popular Questions About Trigraph

What is a trigraph?
A trigraph is a group of three letters that together form a single specific sound. Trigraphs may consist solely of consonants or vowels, or they may be a combination of both. Continue reading n. 1. Three letters spelling one consonant, vowel, or diphthong, such as Sch in Schiller or igh in high or thigh.
What are digraphs and trigraphs in computer programming?
In computer programming, digraphs and trigraphs are sequences of two and three characters, respectively, that appear in source code and, according to a programming language 's specification, should be treated as if they were single characters. Various reasons exist for using digraphs and trigraphs: keyboards may
How are trigraphs treated in a string?
A trigraph is always treated as a single source character. The translation of trigraphs takes place in the first translation phase, before the recognition of escape characters in string literals and character constants. Only the nine trigraphs shown in the above table are recognized.
What are consonant trigraphs?
Consonant trigraphs are often confused with consonant clusters (also called consonant blends ), which are groups of two to three consonant letters that are pronounced individually in quick succession. For example, the word script contains two consonant clusters: scr and pt.