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The Parallel Applications for Distributed Systems Essay Example
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Introduction Distributed systems and computational Grids (Foster and Kesselman) involve large system dynamics that it is highly desirable to reconfigure executing applications in response to the change in environments. Since parallel applications execute on large number of shared systems, the performance of the applications will be degraded if there is increase in external load on […]

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What is difference between parallel and Meridian?
As adjectives the difference between parallel and meridian is that parallel is equally distant from one another at all points while meridian is meridional; relating to a meridian. is that parallel is one of a set of parallel lines while meridian is an imaginary great circle on the earth's surface, passing through the geographic poles.
What is a parallel and a meridian?
Parallel is an alternate term for a line of latitude on a map, while meridian is an alternate term for a line of longitude. Lines of latitude are located parallel to the Equator and never intersect, which is why they are also called parallels.
What does parallel mean in math?
The definition of parallel is extending in the same direction and at the same distance apart. An example of parallel is the opposite lines of a rectangle.
What is a perfect parallel?
Perfect ParallelPlus. Perfect Parallel is an interactive entertainment software studio that develops sports simulation worlds that are playable on simulators, PC, Mac, and Mobile.Read more.