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The Depok General Description Tourism
3169 words 7 pages

Depok, a metropolis in West Java state, is located merely south of Jakarta, the capital metropolis of Indonesia. Depok is a portion of Jabodetabek metropolitan country. The distance between Jakarta capital part and Depok is 20.51 kilometer. Depok metropolis landscape from South to the North is a low-lying country – weak undulating hills, with lifts […]

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Jetblue Ipo Pricing
2731 words 6 pages

1. Introduction An initial public offering (IPO) is defined as the first offering of shares by a private company to the public. A share is one of a finite number of equal portions of the capital of a company that entitles the shareholder to a proportion of distributed, non-reinvested profits known as dividends, and to […]

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Bangkok and Seoul Essay Example
244 words 1 page

Bangkok and Seoul are the best-know cities of Asia . Bangkok is the capital of Thailand , whereas Seoul is the capital of South Korea, both are the main commercial centre of their country . This report will compare and contrast some aspects of the cities such as location , climate , economy and population […]

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Popular Questions About The capital

What exactly is capital?
As a noun, capital refers to (1) a city that serves as a center of government, (2) wealth in the form of money or property, and (3) a capital letter. As an adjective, it means (1) principal, (2) involving financial assets, and (3) deserving of the death penalty. There are other definitions of capital, but these are the most commonly used ones.
What is capital defined?
A town or city that is the official seat of government in a political entity, such as a state or nation. b. A city that is the center of a specific activity or industry: the financial capital of the world.
What does capital mean?
Capital is a broad term that can describe any thing that confers value or benefit to its owner, such as a factory and its machinery, intellectual property like patents, or the financial assets of a business or an individual.
Is property considered capital?
Some kinds of intellectual property are considered capital assets and may be recorded on a company's balance sheet as intangible assets. Intellectual property is a fairly broad term and can take many different forms. Examples of intellectual property include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or unique ideas.