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The Balance Scorecard Enhances
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According to Kaplan R. S. & Norton D. P. (1996), the balance scorecard enhances the traditional financial measures with standards for performance in three non-financial areas like relationship between company and customer, internal business process and, learning and growth. It will assist the company to coordinate its’ operation and ensure all businesses activities parallel to […]

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Balanced Scorecard Database Strategic Management Strategy Map
Sodexho HC Consultant Report
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Food services accounted for 80% of Codex’s revenues until the end of 2000. In January 2001 , Charles Dutchmen, CEO of Codex’s HCI resolved to embark on a Balance Scorecard project. His main goal was to ‘clarify and define, together with the management team, strategy and an action plan that would allow Codex’s HCI to […]

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Brand Management Business Business Operations Business Process Food Safety Hospital Management Marketing Organizational Structure Strategic Management Strategy Map
Strategic Job Family and Strategic Values Model: A long term perspective Essay Example
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Strategy comes with a long-term perspective and a vision that demands careful steps be taken towards realizing organisational goals. Rogers (1995) discusses how long term strategy that combines effective negotiation, morale building and job clarity has been the cornerstone of organisational success across centuries. Peters and waterman discuss how the most successful companies in the […]

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Perspective Strategy Strategy Map

Popular Questions About Strategy Map

What is a strategy map?
What is a Strategy Map?Structure of a Strategy Map. A Strategy Map describes your strategy and tells your story of your strategy. Guidelines for Developing a Strategy MapStrategy Map Example – IT Company. ‘What’ do we want to achieve? Combining the Power of Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard. A Strategy Map does not contain measures, it contains objectives. Summary.
What is Strategic Mapping?
Strategy mapping is a cornerstone of business-aligned strategies . Done right, it produces clearly defined objectives with measurable results. It is a principle method of aligning, planning and communicating the overall business direction and strategy.
What is a strategic road map?
What Is a Strategic Roadmap?Background. There are many types of roadmaps. Decision Making. Strategic decision making is the main factor determining firm success. Components. A roadmap describes a destination in terms of goals, timelines and intermediate stops on the way. Process. Roadmapping is a collaborative strategic planning process. Considerations.