Deployment of Sexuality Essay Example
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What does Michele Foucault mean by deployment of sexuality? Part four of the book on History of Sexuality speaks of the deployment of sexuality (HS 75ff). It is said here that deployment of sexuality is a disciplinary apparatus which concerns power. Many regard this work as a straightforward extension of the genealogical approach of Discipline […]

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Psychology – College Essay Example
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Sexual Revolution Even though people grow old, the elderly still enjoy sexual act and sex as a result of pleasure that is associated with sex. In the current society, the old community has played a significant role in the sexual revolution and is still enjoying the various memories that are resulted by the erotic environment. […]

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Psychology Behind Rape Essay Example
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There are many reasons that rapists are who they are. Psychologists have come up with many theories for the reasoning in a rapists mind. The theories range from, little boys being abused by their mothers to unsuccessful marriages influencing a hate toward women. Psychology Today reports that Gordon Nagayama Hall Ph. D. conducted a national […]

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Art Of Sex Essay Example
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The basis of the continuation of life all falls down to one act, the act of sex. There are many different meanings to sex. Sex could be used through intercourse, emotionally or for pleasure. However, sex can also be done with different techniques or variations. Sadomasochism and Kamasutra are two variations of the techniques that […]

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