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Sensory system Essay Example
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This essay will look at views on how Infants perceive the world. It will focus on the empiricist view and the natives view: we will try and understand how sensation, perception, cognition and behavior go hand-in-hand. The auditory and visual perception of infants including the importance of cross-modal perception. At birth the nervous system, which […]

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Nervous System Perception Sense Sensory System
Is The Loss Of Sensory Systems Normal
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Restoration of sight in an individual who has been blind for his entire life will not immediately result in his ability to see the things around him. It may be possible that the functional vision of this individual may have been modified due to the length of time that he has been blind. Functional vision […]

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Cognitive Psychology Nervous System Perception Sensory System

Popular Questions About Sensory System

What are the 5 sensory systems?
It is usual to say the sensory system has five senses: Hearing is the sense of sound. Ears hear sounds. Sight is the sense of seeing. Eyes see. Touch is the sense of feeling. Sense organs feel. Taste is the sense of the flavor. Tongues taste. Smell is the sense of scent or odor. Noses smell.
What does the sensory system do?
Sensory systems detect stimuli—such as light and sound waves—and transduce them into neural signals that can be interpreted by the nervous system. In addition to external stimuli detected by the senses, some sensory systems detect internal stimuli—such as the proprioceptors in muscles and tendons that send feedback about limb position.
What is the function of the sensory system?
The sensory system is responsible for detecting stimuli from the outside world and transferring nervous impulses to the correct portion of the brain or spinal column to allow the body to react. The sensory system consists of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and their associated nerves.
What are facts about the sensory system?
Sensible facts: The sense of touch is the first to develop in humans at about 8 weeks into the gestation period. Touch stimulates the brain to release endorphins. Blood pressure and heart rate can be reduced by a touch. More items...