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Pandan as Cockroach Repellent
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Any place can hold cockroaches. They are scavengers and a wellness jeopardy. While walking on spoiled nutrient in refuse containers. they pick up assorted bacterial beings on their legs that they can subsequently lodge on exposed nutrient. Cockroaches themselves are non implicated in the transmittal of any diseases. However. many disease-causing beings can turn and […]

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Popular Questions About Scavenger

What are 10 scavengers examples?
Examples of scavengers include hyenas, jackals, opossums, vultures, crows, crabs, lobsters and cockroaches.
Who is a scavenger person?
scavenger SKAV-un-jer noun. 1 chiefly British : a person employed to remove dirt and refuse from streets. 2 : one that scavenges: such as. a : a garbage collector.
What is a scavenger and give 2 examples?
Scavengers are the animals that feed on dead plant and animal material in its habitat. Scavengers are generally carnivores. Examples of scavengers are: Raccoon, Golden jackal, Leopard, African lion etc.